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Our vision is to take you on a tropical journey with a unique nourishing experience full of flavours, smells, colours and textures. Bringing you the most rarest, exotics fruits from tropical places like Colombia, Central and South America, Africa and South East Asia. Every week we take huge pride in delivering the most exclusive, succulent, mouth watering exotic fruit boxes that stimulate all your senses ! We are dedicated to making high quality tropical fruits accessible to people all over London. Bringing the tropics to your door step.
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We provide outstanding products and top tier service delivering premium value to our customers. We go the extra mile by inspecting all of our fruits and hand picking only the finest exotic fruits for our customers !
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We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations by providing you a unique experience every time you shop with us. We aim to make every shopping experience as delightful as our fruits!
banner Integrity
We uphold the highest standards of integrity by making it our priority in having strong morals, ensuring that our actions correlate with our principles. We take great pleasure in assuring you that all of our fruits are ethically grown.
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We are committed in providing boxes filled with the most luscious exotic fruits that will vitalise all your senses. We are dedicated in providing a healthier lifestyle, a happy heart and a rejuvenating mind.
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Our intention is to give you an experience like no other, to introduce you to the BRaw journey by bringing you the divine flavours of the most tropical regions of the world to your door step.
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We are aware and conscious of the world we live in and make it one of our main objectives to help in making it a more sustainable planet by using recycled boxes for our small exotic fruit boxes and we reuse the boxes our fruits come in for the medium and large boxes.
What Our Customers Say
“The entire box was crazy btw. I loved loved loved it. Going to order again next week because I need this in my life consistently. Thank you!”
Leigh Anne
“Thanks so much for delivering today! It was the perfect timing. They are very happy with the fruit and excited to try it all.”
Anna Lyda
“Hey BRAW Team, hope you’re well, thank you once again for the fruits. cant wait to make a fruit platter, my son going to love this.”
Marcia Lawrence
“Hi, thank you so much my grandma absolutely loved her box she said it reminded her of back home best present ever.”
Katharine Summers
Hand Picked Fruit
Committed to bringing you on a flavoursome journey
Establishing exceptional quality & standards
Outsourcing fruits from reliable & ethical sources
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