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Interesting Facts About Granadilla

Despite being twice the size of a passionfruit, a granadilla is an exotic fruit belonging to the passion fruit family. Its exterior is smooth & brittle sheltered by orange skin. Peel off its smooth soft skin and you will encounter a sweet pulp interior composed of flesh-covered green seeds. Only the seeds of this delicacy are eaten, not its surroundings. Granadillas are available all year round, this exotic fruit can be consumed from the exterior or alternatively used to flavour ice cream, yoghurt, jellies or mousses.

How to prepare

Generally Granadillas are consumed raw. The smooth orange exterior can be easily broken with your fingers revealing a crunchy sweet pulp interior which can be enjoyed with a spoon or you can do it the BRAW way and simply suck the gelatinous pulp from the fruit itself.

How to store

The Granadilla is at optimal taste when stored at room temperature for up to 10 days.

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